by Tobias Emanuel Mayer

„To completely surrender yourself to music and to simultaneously share it with others“ Yudum Çetiner

…that’s pianist Yudum Çetiner’s motto that perfectly sums up her artistic commitment in the continuum between the internalization of music and cultural mediation.  In other words: she does not want to keep her passion for music to herself, but wants to share it with the world.  Such is the power of music: to break down societal and social barriers and to build bridges between cultures.

Yudum Çetiner, born in Ankara to a diplomat father and a literature teacher mother, was fascinated by the possibilities of cultural exchange through language, literature, and music from an early age.  Even before she got her first piano lesson, she started to dance, and experienced how different art forms can complement and enhance each other. The enthusiasm for this holistic artistic experience led to her studying dance and music at the Hacettepe University in Ankara at the early age of 13. The piano became her principal means of musical expression, and led her to the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts at the age of 18, after having studied at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow for two years. After completing her art studies with Prof. Bianca Bodalia in 2006, she pursued pedagogical studies in Munich until 2008, following her desire to share her knowledge with others, and then enrolled in a Master of Arts program at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart to perfect her skills as a concert pianist. She  successfully completed her Master of Arts degree with professor Shoshana Rudiakov in 2011, followed by a  Master of Arts degree in Piano Chamber Music with professor Hans-Peter Stenzl in  2016.

In line with her communicative and open-minded nature, Yudum Çetiner’s performance repertoire crosses borders and covers not only classical and contemporary music, but also music from other cultures. Traditional Turkish folk music is a particularly important component of her artistic work, as she not only plays it, but also incorporates it in her compositions.  Her arrangement of Fazıl Say’s “Black Earth” for two pianos was recently published by Schott Music. Moreover, she has developed her own multi-faceted musical language and has already composed the soundtrack for a short documentary film.

She has established a reputation as a soloist at major international festivals  (i.a. The German Culture Weeks in Cairo, the International Music Festival (FIMU), and the festival “Made in Stuttgart-Typically Turkish”). She is equally successful with her piano duet “Blanc et Noir” formed in 2008 as well as with the ensemble “Quattro per Due” established in 2012.  “No Limits” is the motto of this extraordinary quartet, consisting of a second pianist and two percussionists, each of them originating from another country and thus predestined for an intercultural musical dialogue.

Yudum Çetiner is a traveller between musical worlds, whose musical expressivity resembles a multicolored mosaic. In many ways, this young dynamic concert pianist, who found her second home in Germany, stands for the multicultural awakening of a new generation of musicians.